I reached number one everyone, LOOK!

I ran a special to feature my e-book for free today, and nearly 1,000 people have grabbed it so far today alone!

I’m absolutely ecstatic! But I still have a way to go in some of the other categories, so TODAY ONLY, the Kindle version is FREE! Would you consider supporting me by CLICKING HERE to getting a Kindle version, paperback or hardcover through Amazon and help me to the top of the other categories below as well?

And PLEASE leave a positive review ASAP – those help tremendously too. This will set momentum for Volume II, which will be released later this month!

Thanks to all of you for your support! I’m BEYOND ecstatic and grateful!


4 thoughts on “NUMBER ONE!!!

  1. Marius

    It’s really well written – read the sample on Amazon!
    I’m definitely getting the book – I’m curious to see what the new recruits are up to – tbh, I think they’re double-agents. Just like in 30days of night or something like it, the predator will at least try to use prey to gain more prey.

    1. authoraaronryan Post author

      What great insight! Thanks brother! I’m glad you are enjoying it so far. Please remember to leave a positive review when you’re done. Those go a long way! Thanks my friend. Watch out for those gorgons!

      1. Marius Oberholster

        Hehe, thank you! I write a little. I have a bunch of show and movie ideas that I would love to have made and fleshed out, but soooo far from that. Gotta get the current project inbox sorted first, hehehe.
        This’ll be a break from all that. I’m not a reader to begin with, so for a book to grab my attention is rare (5 out of all fiction titles) – you did it!

        ***—___—*** !!! Achievement unlocked !!! ***—___—***

        1. authoraaronryan Post author

          Well I’ve seen some of your movie stuff so far, keep that up! I’m loving writing, and I’m so grateful for the stories I’ve been given, especially this one for this time. Thank you, Lord!


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