The Prequel


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We thought they were angelic messengers. We were wrong.

The aliens silently floated down from the skies in June of 2026, hovering there at a geostationary orbit above the earth for three months. Without warning on September 3rd, 2026, they attacked. Within three months, 85% of humanity had been wiped out. And we all learned the horrible truth regarding these aliens: “You just…don’t…look.”

We called them gorgons because, like the mythical Medusa, they possessed the unique ability to paralyze us where we stood if we looked at them…and then consume us at their leisure while we felt every agonizing bite.

Follow the lives of Andrew & Melissa Shipley in Blue Spring Kentucky, along with their children Cameron, Sissy, and Rutty as everyday people whose lives are upended as they are forced to flee, eking out an existence in the shadows. Travel with them from the alien invasion of 2026 through December of 2042 as gorgons take over the planet in a post-apocalyptic and dystopian Earth. Then join sons Cameron and Rutty in Clarksville Tennessee in 2042, as humanity readies itself for the greatest counteroffensive that mankind has ever seen.

The war for humanity is all right here in the “Dissonance” volumes: 1300 pages of terror, suspense, and a humanity desperate to survive against all odds. Dissonance Volume I: Reality debuted 1.1.24 and achieved bestseller status on Amazon. Dissonance Volume II: Reckoning debuted 3.20.24 and achieved bestseller status on Amazon. Dissonance Volume III: Renegade debuted 5.18.24 and achieved bestseller status on Amazon. Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation (The alien invasion prequel) debuted 6.6.24 and achieved bestseller status on Amazon.


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Bestselling author Aaron Ryan crafts harrowing tales of epic tension, set amidst a gritty post-apocalyptic Earth, in this bestselling dystopian alien invasion post-apocalyptic Kindle fiction book series. Terror lurks around every corner in this epic quadrilogy that is currently being adapted to screen for streaming networks. Buy now before it hits the big screen!

It was inevitable, really.

When you start off a trilogy with the protagonist reflecting back sixteen years ago to when an alien invasion happened, but he’s sixteen years into the future, past that, then, by necessity, a time travel is waiting.

I did not feel “released” to move on from the Dissonance trilogy after I had completed Volume III. I really didn’t. I needed to revisit it, and go back in time to where it all started.

I cannot tell you how much fun and emotion I experienced writing this prequel. The story is SO full of heart, and the most meaningful thing about it is that it is all about parenting through trauma. There are characters who had died who are alive again…younger…full of health and life. It was painful – exceedingly painful – to have to play God and kill them off. But to see them alive again brings such joy to my heart. YES, this is about an alien invasion and a post-apocalyptic environment about to happen, and YES there will be chaos, and YES there will be deaths that happen. But in so doing, I’m able to effectively resurrect beloved characters and allow my readers into their lives once more. I am absolutely THRILLED to be doing so.

This story has SO much heart.

I released the prequel on June 6th, 2026, which is two years to the day before the alien invasion that takes place on D-Day, June 6th, 2026. That is no coincidence. I hope you truly, truly enjoy it, because it’s turning into something that really rounds out (and sets the stage for) the trilogy nicely, and effectively makes it a quadrilogy. Speaking of going back in time, ask me in November of 2023 if I knew that by summer of 2024 I would have penned a quadrilogy, and I would have thrown a drink in your face.

Even before Dissonance Volume III: Renegade (the ending of the story) was released, I was working hard on the genesis of the story, and it has turned out beautifully.

I’m so excited to share it with you!

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